Community Development - Certified Financial Counseling Interface

Community Development Certified Financial Counseling (CDCFC) is certified by the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) through its Community Development Initiative. It is essential for organizations serving “working-class,” moderate- and low-income populations, including organizations that provide counseling, CDFIs, and low-income designated credit unions. It is also an effective way for mainstream financial institutions and loan funds to better serve consumers when they face difficult times.

CDCFC provides training, testing and certification that will allow your staff to:

  1. Better serve consumers;
  2. Safely increase lending beyond A and B borrowers, driving up ROA and profitability and;
  3. Cultivate effective partnerships with cooperatives and community organizations also trained with CDCFC in order to achieve broader community revitalization.

Certified Financial Counseling Interface
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Certified Financial Counseling Example 2 Certified Financial Counseling Example 2
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While other financial counseling programs focus extensively on investments and asset building, this training program focuses on lending to people that need loans. The CDCFC allows financial institutions to “invent” its own qualified borrowers, by coaching consumers to become credit worthy.

Community Development Certified Financial Counseling’s training and tools are always relevant and never out of date, because they are not sold as workbooks. The training is an online curriculum with testing protocols and security equivalent to a proctored exam. New tools are continually added, as predatory lenders are always updating their practices to find ways around changing regulations.

Certified Financial Counseling Tool Example Certified Financial Counseling Tool Example
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Organizations applying for grants, including CDFI Fund Awards, benefit from these online tools with results tracking. This documentation is essential to writing a winning CDFI Award application. It is also beneficial to management helping to identify new lending opportunities.

For a demonstration of the product contact Carrie Ostrem, Director of Certification Services at or call (253) 200-0418.